Wall Storage Cabinets

Exclusive Design

Our all-wood storage cabinets are designed to be placed above each activity area, allowing you to easily change the toys and materials children have available to them. The Wall Cabinets also provide much needed extra storage without taking away from the children’s play space! When the classroom layout provides easy access to stored materials, teachers spend less time managing the physical environment and more time supporting children’s emotional needs and facilitating their development.

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wall storage cabinets maximize space

Wall Storage Cabinets and Risers maximize limited space in classrooms and Family Childcare Homes.

wall storage cabinets maximize flexibility for teachers

To provide teachers with maximum flexibility and organization, install wall storage cabinets above each activity area. This allows teachers to change materials quickly without leaving children, and without taking up classroom play space.

wall storage cabinets can be incorporated with risers

By incorporating multiple Risers and wall cabinets in your classroom it will help to define activity areas and provide multiple options for children without creating a crowded feeling of too many toy shelves or too many materials on each shelf.