Carpeted Risers

Exclusive Design

Carpeted risers are an essential classroom furniture item for all age groups. The rope handles allows for easy movement to different activity areas.

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risers provide a safe space for preschoolers

Creates a “safe space” for infant activity area and helps to contain blocks and manipulatives from migrating to other areas in classroom.

risers offer private space for preschoolers

Flexible Private Space

risers offer private space for toddlers
risers contain materials

Risers help contain materials in area while still creating an “open feeling” to classroom. Use them to create a flexible learning center in seconds.

risers offer flexible learning centers

Can be used to create flexible learning centers that can be expanded or changed. Use as shelf and table area.

risers promote gross motor activity

Provides for essential, flexible gross motor activity experiences in older Infant and Toddler classrooms.

risers create a toddler balance beam

Combine 3 or more to create a Toddler Balance Beam/Obstacle Course.

risers grouping three together

Grouping 3 together creates platform area for a variety of activities. 3 risers lengthwise creates a walkaround for a toddler music parade.

risers are sturdy enough to be used as seating

Sturdy risers can be used as seating for teachers. Allows adults to be at children’s eye level and be more comfortable than sitting on floor.

preschoolers use risers in dramatic ways

Preschoolers used it in dramatic play, as a table for writing and puzzles, as a private area and countless other ways.

risers group children together for circle time

Risers help group children together and focus for Circle Time.

risers help define activity area

Helps define activity area. Can be used as shelf and table.